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About Us
Leapfrog Fitness has been established by Melbourne based personal trainer Frank Besim. Frank identified a significant problem in today’s society. And that was that too many young adults have very little knowledge about how to perform basic fundamental movement patterns, lacking awareness of their postural imbalances, and just a general understanding of what it means to be fit and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
After questioning why this was happening, and how he could fix it…Frank came to the conclusion that it needed to start from an individuals early years. So he founded Leapfrog Fitness Education. An education based fitness program designed to teach young teenagers the fundamentals of fitness and wellbeing. Leapfrog Fitness take their ten week, six week, or one day program to high schools and deliver all the knowledge required to kickstart a young adolescents’ fitness journey and future wellbeing.
Founder and director, Frank has been involved in the fitness industry for over a decade ranging from his own training experience, to playing in sporting clubs, corporate group training, and 1 on 1 personal training. Health and fitness has always been a true passion, and he's now on a mission to educate people about all things health and fitness on a much larger scale.
Frank bases himself in Port Melbourne to conduct his private personal training, but has now become much more mobile, taking his fitness education program to inner city, as well as suburban high schools around Melbourne, with a vision to make a positive difference to the lives of todays teens and tomorrow’s young adults.


Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
Level 1 Kettlebells
Level 1 Boxing Instructor
Level 1 Powerlifting Coach
Level 1 Mechanics of Lifting
Working with Childrens Check
CPR and First Aid