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The Programs
The Opener
The Intro
The Works
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​Leapfrog Fitness offers three programs to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of our young adolescents. Each are based on personal goal setting and practical education about the importance of being active and understanding how to get fitter, move better and continue to progress through their fitness and wellbeing journey.

1. The flagship ten week program, ’The Works’ which partners with young people to take control of their own fitness journey.
2. A condensed six week program, ’The Intro' covering all the important aspects of fitness and functional movement that is pivotal for a teenagers future growth in health and wellbeing.
3. Our one day short course, ’The Opener' comprises of a 90 minute session and introduces your students to the fundamentals of goal setting and making that first step. 

What’s the Leapfrog Fitness difference?
Our team has expertise in both fitness and school education; successfully designing fitness learning alongside adolescent education. We carefully design these programs putting personalisation at the core of what we do. We know what works and we design programs we would want to participate in!
After completing the program, students will leave with a far clearer understanding of what it means to be fit and how to improve on their current state, both physically and mentally. We provide our students with the building blocks to kickstart their journey through life with the mindset of always trying to improve and be positive with their future endeavours. Health and fitness is the cornerstone of a happier and positive lifestyle.