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The Works
The Works is our flagship 10 week program which covers a huge amount of information in enough depth that our students go away with a clear understanding about the topics we cover, and with the confidence to further build on their new found knowledge. Students will be taken under the wings of two qualified fitness coaches throughout the 10 week period, who will act as coaches, teachers, mentors, and even mates!

Topics covered;

- The best ways to prepare for exercise.
- Developing a dream, into a theory, into a reality.
- ​Using your muscles the way they were designed to be used.
- Decision making and efficiency.
- Should you always exercise at full throttle?
- Moving your body as a unit, pain free.
- Learning how to reduce the risk of injury and illness.
- Improving on body image and health.
- Creating a plan for short term and long term success.
- How much can you improve over ten weeks?
- Eating habits to provide you with long term healthy outcomes.

What students will get;

- 10 weeks of ongoing support through contact sessions and email.
- Detailed reference book covering everything we teach in class for students to refer back to.
- Knowledge on how to perform basic fundamental movements.
- More confidence through team interaction and self-development.
- Better understanding of postural awareness.
- Direction on how to design a balanced exercise plan.
- Have personalised attention through a small group environment.​
- A clearer understanding on how to continually progress long term.
​- Recognition and satisfaction when and if they achieve their 10 week goal set out from week 1.

How the program works;

Two fitness coaches will conduct one 60 minute session per week focusing on one main topic while reiterating the main messages we are trying to communicate over the duration of the program, such as goal setting, nutrition, warming up, the importance of why we do things, muscle groups used etc.

The sessions are carefully designed to keep the students fully engaged by blending theory and prac in a way that sit down time is very minimal, and students spend the majority of time moving around being active. 

The program is capped at 16 students, making sure each student receives a sufficient amount of personal attention between the two coaches. Classes are selected by age groups, 13-14 year olds, 15-16 year olds, and 17-18 year olds. This ensures that students will be of similar abilities and the delivery of our information is aligned with the specific age groups. Programs run during school terms.